David Hare’s Breath of Life opens at the Chesil Theatre on 7 July


Roz Liddard and Mary Mitchell star in The Breath of Life at the Chesil

A darkly comic two hander about morals and mortality

The Breath of Life covers the lives of two women over the course of a day and a night. Madeleine Palmer lives on the Isle of Wight, and Frances Beale has come to visit her. They are both in their sixties. Madeleine (played by Ros Liddiard) is a retired museum curator, while Frances (played by Mary Mitchell) has recently found success as a writer.

Although the two women are the only ones to appear in the play, there is another strong presence: that of Martin; a lawyer, he was married to Frances and had an affair with Madeleine. Now he has found a new woman and moved with her to Seattle.  Over 24 hours Madeline and Frances argue, make-up and share their experiences of this man who has been pivotal in their lives.
Written by one of Britain’s finest contemporary playwrights, David Hare, this play debates modern morals and places the debate against a wickedly funny dramatic backdrop.
Director Peter Andrew said: “The two women take stock of their lives, specifically with reference to Martin. Madeleine, in particular, insists she never wanted to be defined by the man in her life, but it’s what happened, in slightly different ways, to both these women.”
The Breath of Life was first performed in London, with Judi Dench and Maggie Smith appearing together for the first time since the 1950s.
Performance details: 7 – 14 July at 7:45pm with a matinee on 14 July.  Tickets from £8 – £10 available from the website: www.ticketsource.co.uk/chesiltheatre. And by postal application to the Chesil Theatre, Chesil Street, SO23 0HU

About Chesil Theatre

The Chesil Theatre is home to Winchester Dramatic Society, one of the best amateur theatre groups in Hampshire. It is located in a beautiful and atmospheric12th century church that has been turned into fabulous performing area. The Chesil stages sx productions a year - tragedies, comedies, well-loved classics and exciting new works. See more at www.chesiltheatre.org.
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