Audition news: HOME AND BEAUTY by W. Somerset Maugham directed by Alec Walters

H_B_publicity408085READING: Friday 19 April at 7.45pm
AUDITIONS: Sunday 21 and Monday 22 April at 7.45pm
Newcomers welcome

PERFORMANCES: 6-13 July, with a matinee on 13 July

Set immediately after the Great War in 1918. Maugham called it “a farce in three acts”.

After the death of her husband, William, the spoilt and beautiful Victoria married his best friend, Frederick. When William comes back after the war alive after all, each man can hardly wait to surrender her to the other. However, Victoria seems to have another admirer waiting in the wings.

The play is full of witty social comments with all the various preoccupations of the day, including the new social order giving rise to a bolshier breed of servant and a more flexible attitude towards marriage.

There’s a glittering array of funny cameos and a number of main parts too. Do come along and audition if you fancy this stylish comedy of an evocative period.

For details of the cast read more here 

Cast details

The parts are as follows:

VICTORIA: (20s to 30s) lady of the house and principal role throughout the play, RP English. Described as “a selfish little thing”. Egocentric and vapid.

FREDERICK: (20s to 40s) Army officer married to Victoria.

WILLIAM: (20s to 40s) Victoria’s first husband, “killed” in WWI.

MISS DENNIS: (25) manicurist, slight cockney accent, Act 1. Doubles with –
CLARENCE: delivery boy, small scene end of Act 3

TAYLOR: (young to middle aged) female servant of the house, amalgam of parlour maid and nanny Act 1 and 2

MRS SHUTTLEWORTH: (middle aged to elderly) Mother of Victoria. Act 1 and 2. Well spoken.

MRS POGSON: (middle aged) Heavy set, working class “a respectable woman” applies for job as cook. Cameo role Act 2.

MISS MONTMORENCY: (middle-aged) Maiden lady, refined. Cameo role Act

LEICESTER PATON: (20s to 40s) Well spoken, rich businessman, Acts 1 and 2.

MR A B RAHAM: (any age) Divorce solicitor. Experienced actor needed for this Act 3 comedic cameo



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