Transit of Venus – opens 14 October

A touching play about how a man’s obsession can lead him to lose everything

Astronomer Guilliaume Le Gentil strives to discover the mysteries of the universe and is obsessed with charting the transit of Venus across the heavens

He puts off marrying his young fiancée, Celeste, while he travels the world in search of this rare phenomenon.. During his expeditions he is undone at every turn by weather, war and misfortune. When he finally returns, he finds a woman changed by his absence and ready to set her own course.

Spanning eleven years, the play explores faith, solitude, and the human spirit.

See a trailer here.


About Chesil Theatre

The Chesil Theatre is home to Winchester Dramatic Society, one of the best amateur theatre groups in Hampshire. It is located in a beautiful and atmospheric12th century church that has been turned into fabulous performing area. The Chesil stages sx productions a year - tragedies, comedies, well-loved classics and exciting new works. See more at
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