Audition details

by Richard Everett, directed by Norma York
Reading: 8 June at 7.45pm
Auditions: 10 & 11 June at 7.45pm

Grace, a clergy wife, recently widowed, has spent a lifetime of being on her best behavior, can now enjoy the freedom to say and do exactly what she likes. Her sister, Ruth, an eccentric missionary, returns with revelations that make Grace confront the truth of her marriage. With probing wit and sharp edged comedy it begs the question was the whole thing a divine exercise in trial and error?
Grace: 60s – brisk and energetic
Ruth: 60ish – older missionary sister, a bit scatty
Bardolph: 60ish – Grace’s deceased husband, vague
Jo: 30 – 35 – Grace’s daughter
Sarah: 30 – new vicar

Everyone whether a member to not is welcome to come to the reading or one of the auditions.


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